Locations and relationships for positioning system components.

Zones are used to allocate areas of the system for different input and output requirements and as a result perform different functions across the system, while having a designed intent around how they interact and connect with each other.

Using zones to give experiences logical places to live, we can prioritise design input energy.

Zones also have particular size ratios in relation to the intensity with which they are maintained, being more often closer to Zone 0 and less often in the outer Zones.

Zone 00 Individual - creator or user. From this perspective we consider what the picture looks like and how we are going to design for it. How we fit into the picture also plays a part in how decisions from this perspective are made.

Zone 0 - The home view of our app. The place where the people that use the app enter, providing convenient pathways to other zones.

Zone 1 - Primary navigation views. These are the top level pages that may sit in main menu. While they are frequently used, they generally come after the primary interaction, once the user navigates from the home view.

Zone 2 - Back pages, content areas, blog posts. These areas can be somewhat self supporting once they are at a level of function. They don’t require as much up keep as the primary views and would usually hold a bulk of the site or apps content.

Zone 3 - Account pages, user input areas. These areas rarely change once they have been implemented and usually see the least amount of ongoing updates. By design they are resilient areas that allow for self managed use by the people experiencing them.

Zone 4 - IM group, chat room, forum, social discourse. Nearing the outer region of an app or website’s experience, often even external to the native experience. These areas tend towards a more wild formation in terms of the energy that is captured and distributed across this zone.

Zone 5 - Other apps, sites or services. Off screen, printed media, perhaps advertising. Anything that connects to the brand or user experience of the product. It could be used to analyse user’s experience with other areas of the app.