Energy. Accessibility. Form.

A pattern to evaluate system components.

Some of the primary information that is recorded about a new design site. By observing and designing around these landscape features, the most important elements of consideration can be placed according to their intended function and purpose, allowing for other supporting and feature elements to be designed around this core.

Inspired by the Water. Access. Structures. pattern used in Permaculture to document and map these key features of the landscape.

  • Water or Energy Flow
  • Access or Accessibility
  • Structures or Form by Function

Energy Flow

Energy that flows into the system and across the key areas with catchment and distribution opportunities. Where the energy leaves and planning for how that looks.


New and existing pathways to key areas of function, making them as energy efficient and accessibly diverse.

Form by Function

Key areas of this set of design considerations that have dense function which dictate form, providing for energy capture, generation and storage.