Welcome to the PermaDesign System documentation.

With a solid foundation of Ethics and Principles and a component library of Elements, Permaculture has quite the feature set.

Based on Permaculture and applied to the digital design space as an overlay to existing design systems. The PermaDesign System can act as a governance layer, though can provide for a more holistic design system by integrating the holistic nature of Permaculture into the digital space and related areas of operation.

It should affect change in the way elements are considered in terms of function, functional relationships, arrangement, energy flow and evolution over time.


This documentation is a work in progress.

It is actively worked on and you can follow updates on Twitter @PermaDesignSys

Where to start

Checkout the Intro to PermaDesign to get up to speed on why it exists. There are also a few things you can setup to make germination more successful.

Jump right on in

Check out the Core Concepts to get an idea of what PermaDesign System is about.


Earth Care, People Care & Fair Share create the core of the Permaculture philosophy.



A set governing guidelines that keep things aligned with the Ethics of Permaculture.



From physically observable patterns to invisible patterns of energy flow.



Much like a plant’s evolution in its phases of growth, design systems can have similar phases.