Earth Care, People Care & Fair Share create the core of the Permaculture philosophy.

At the core of the Permaculture philosophy is a set of three ethics that guide the principles and provide a consistent theme across Permanent Culture thinking.

The Ethics are Earth care, People care and fair share. By thinking from these perspectives, acting according to these ethics, we can use them to empower design decisions in alignment with permanent culture thinking.

The underlying value here is that we consider, how we are interacting with and what we are creating, affects things outside of our direct experience. The other living elements that use our creations, create connections with us and also the Earth that we come from and return to as part of an ongoing energy cycle.

1. Earth Care

Conscious co-creation, using sustainable and regenerative practices. Designing with evolution and permanence.

2. People Care

Care for those using our creations and what it means to be and have other people involved in our creations existence.

3. Fair Share

Share the benefits of thinking and working with permanence and evolution.
Achieve more together.


These Ethics have been adapted from the original set of Ethics as described by David Holmgren at Permaculture Principles - Ethics.