Inspired by Nature. Designed for Digital.

Leveraging systems of natural design to create efficiencies in the digital landscape.

What is it?

This project attempts to import the values of Permaculture Design into the digital design world of Design Systems.

Founded on Ethics

Care about the Earth, the People, while sharing fairly.

Guided by Principles

12 principles inspired by nature, adapted to digital technology.

Elements & Strategies

A tool set that can be used from UIs to gardens and fields.

Patterns of Energy Flow

Map the energy flows through components and across systems.

Evolutionary Design

Design beyond the ship date, let nature take its course.

Want to know more?

Check out our introduction post on what this is all about.

This can be used to kick off your Design System or included into your existing project. It works as a governance layer and as a set of tools to guide design decisions.

Permaculture Design for a Digital Landscape

As presented at Web Direction Summit '23.
Watch the streamed video presentation.