Seeing the connections between edible landscapes and digital design systems through the lense of systems and design thinking.

PermaDesign was born out of asking a question after studying Permaculture Design and attaining certification, while practising methods on a small farm located in Northern Rivers, NSW, Australia.

What more could this framework and system do beyond enabling better farming practice?

By adapting the Ethics, Principles and some of the Elements and Strategies of Permaculture into the Digital Landscape, it can play a big part in how patterns, energy and patterns of invisible energy flow can become design considerations, particularly in design systems.

The Presentation

While putting the details together, an oppoortunity presented to share the concept at Web Directions Summit, on a new Design Systems track in 2023. The talk discussed how we see energy flow through our design systems and their components and how we can look at using design systems based on nature to influence how we move forwards to create regenerative solutions in the digital design space.

The Creation

Coming from a background in digital design and moving into flavour design, crafting small batch food products and seeing the need for doing things in ways that flow with nature and natural processes.

Having completed a Permaculture Design Course in early 2023 and finding a real cross over between the natural and tech worlds, the idea for a combined methodology was born.

This project has been created by Mick Real.

Get Involved

There are some resources in early stage creation that will enable the framework’s inclusion into existing design systems and for starting new.

If you would like to get involved in this project, please get in touch Hi @ PermaDesign